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Our Story

     At Hula Baby & Co we strive to bring a quality product that will be enjoyed by you and you child.  Since our first trip to Hawaii, we were hooked.  And with the news of our first baby coming, we wanted to figure out a way for me to stay home and raise our children.  Once we started trying to find clothes for our baby that went along with our new love of the islands, we had a hard time finding anything that we liked.  Then it hit us.  Lets make our own cloths.  After countless hours praying about it, we decided lets go for it.  Next, what will we call it.  Again, after countless hours of figuring out a name, it hit us - “Hula Baby”.  The sound of the name made us smile immediately.


     We have found that no matter where we are, when somebody says “Hula Baby”, they always have a smile on their face.  The main question that we are asked is that if we are form Hawaii.  Although we are not from Hawaii, we are Hawaiian’s at heart.  We were over taken by the Aloha Spirit, and our goal at Hula Baby & Co is to try and spread it were ever our cloths may go.  Hula Baby & Co is a family, or ohana, owned and operated company.  We have traveled many miles, bring Hula Baby to almost all of California, Nevada, Arizona and even to Hawaii.  We enjoy being able to be together as a family, spreading the Aloha Spirit were ever we may go.  We hope that you will enjoy your clothing and accessories as much as we do bringing them to you.  God bless and Mahalo.

Anna, Kevin, Melia, Duke, and Kaikoa Grable

Our Collections are
Handmade with Aloha
by the Hula Baby Ohana
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